USA Attachments

HT1850 Hydraulic Excavator Thumb by USA Attachments

Ht1850 hydraulic excavator thumb white
Ht1850 hydraulic excavator thumb 16
Ht1850 hydraulic excavator thumb 15
Ht1850 hydraulic excavator thumb 14
KOBELCO with hydraulic thumb clearing brush
KOBELCO with hydraulic thumb ht1850 picking up a large stone
Hydraulic Excavator Thumb HT1850 grasping a large stone
Hydraulic Thumb HT1850 picking up a rock
Hydraulic HT1850 thumb as seen from the inside of a cab
Hydraulic Excavator Thumb Model HT1850
Kobelco Hydraulic Thumb with HT1850 installed
Frontal view of the HT1850 excavator thumb
HT1850 hydraulic thumb inside the USA Attachments shop
Side profile of the HT1850 excavator thumb
Hydraulic Thumb  MT1850 installed on an excavator
HT1850 hydraulic excavator thumb with black hydraulic cylinder installed on an excavator
18" WIDE 50" LONG 
BORE 5" 
ROD DIA 2 1/2"
 STROKE 24" 
PIN DIA 1 1/2" 
USA ATTACHMENTS 1-800-870-3610