MT2458 excavator thumb by USA Attachments

Mt2458 excavator thumb white
Mt2458 excavator thumb 22
Mt2458 excavator thumb 21
Mt2458 excavator thumb 20
Side profile of an MT2458 thumb working on a Deere excavator
MT2458 thumb holding rocks inside the bucket
Another shot of the MT2458 in action
MT2458 thumb welded on Deere excavator moving debris
MT2458 thumb installed on John Deere 690B lifting blocks
MT2458 thumb installed on a CAT excavator
Side profile of MT2458 excavator thumb installed on a Cat excavator.
MT2458 installed on an excavator
A close up of MT2458 holding blocks inside a bucket.
MT2458 thumb welded on a machine.
This MT2458 thumb fits tight with this bucket
Cat excavator with MT2458 thumb at USA Attachments.
MT2458 thumb installed on CAT 320 B excavator
MT2458 welded on an excavator
Side profile of black MT2458 thumb
MT2458 on a pallet, with USA Attachments logo visible.
Another view of the MT2458 on a pallet