USA Attachments

King, NC. Established 2002

USA Attachments is the industry leader in manufacturing heavy equipment attachments. Our equipment is made with pride in America, using American steel.

USA Attachments was founded by Jeff Hamilton in 2002. We are committed to superior quality attachments.

USA Attachments equipment is built using state of art technology. We use the latest CNC machines. Our CNC operators have over 40 years combined experience. Our pins are cut more precise than the width of a human hair. Our computerized multi-head steel cutting machines, cuts steel to your machine specifications. USA Attachments welders are the best in the industry, and are known for the quality of their welds.

USA Attachments is located in King, North Carolina. Our modern facility is over 100,000 square feet, and is comprised of three buildings. USA Attachments sales, manufacturing, and warehouses are all located on the same campus. Our facility, which houses all our operations, allows us to have efficient communication lines. If you want to know where your order is at in production, our sales department will know.

At USA Attachments we build attachments that fit hundreds of variations of machines. We build customized attachments that will fit your machine. Our warehouse is stocked with over 35,000 lbs of equipment ready to ship. If your order isn't in stock, we can rapidly build it.

When you order from USA Attachments, you are not only buying an incredible attachment, you are always buying exceptional service. Our team is ready to take your call.

Our facility - USA Attachments CNC Machines - USA Attachments Excavator thumbs ready to ship - USA Attachments Our factory floor - USA Attachments Buckets and thumbs, various inventory - USA Attachments Steel cutting machine - USA Attachments Factory floor - USA Attachments Plasma cutting machine - USA Attachments Front office at USA Attachments