Excavator Thumb Guide

An excavator thumb allows an excavator to grasp objects.

What is an excavator thumb ?

What is a mechanical excavator thumb ?

Excavator thumbs come in a variety of styles. The most basic excavator thumb is the mechanical excavator thumb. A mechanical excavator thumb stays stationary on the stick. With a mechanical thumb, it is the bucket that actually moves to grasp objects, pinning the object against the thumb. Most mechanical thumbs fold away when not in use.

What is a hydrualic excavator thumb ?

Hydraulic excavator thumbs are more expensive than mechanical thumbs. However, unlike mechanical thumbs, hydraulic thumbs have a range of motion. Hydraulic thumbs move up and down to grasp objects.

Excavator thumbs also come in a variety of styles for hook up.

  • Some excavator thumbs are welded on to the stick.
  • Some excavator thumbs are attached via a pin.

Shown below is an excavator thumb welded to the stick

an excavator thumb welded on to a stick